Is the Pope Catholic? I loved it and can’t thank you enough for making a film about me.
Richard Artschwager

It was an absolute pleasure to host the film at the Parrish Art Museum and we received so many wonderful comments from attendees. Thank you for your energy and commitment to telling Richard’s story. Many remarked how they felt like they finally knew him after seeing the film, which says volumes about the content and the way it was assembled.
Andrea Grover, Curator of Special Projects, Parrish Art Museum

I am sure that you are as saddened, as all of us who knew Richard are.  May his ashes find eternal peace in the Organ Mountains of New Mexico.  I am just starting to come out of the stupor his death caused my psyche.  We lost a truly brilliant, talented and empathetic Mentch.  I watched your wonderful film a number of times, and seeing Richard alive is a disassociation of time and space.  Thanks for being brave and committed enough to undertake this endeavor.
Arie Galles, Artist and friend

We just saw your documentary on Richard Saturday night!  It was wonderful, and yes, it captured all that you intended.  This is, as it should be, a living testament to how unique he was as an artist and a man. We are proud to have supported it. Our hearts are very sad.
In appreciation, Susan and Leonard Nimoy

Artschwager showing at the ICA on Friday.  Love his work.  So sad he died.
(regarding ICA screening, admirer of RA’s art who attended “Portraits” exhibition, Spruth Magers Gallery, London)
Waldemar Januszczak, Polish film critic, London

It was my pleasure to attend the screening last night.  The film is entertaining and informative.  One walks away with such a good feeling about Artschwager, his work, his thinking and his person.  I noticed that you included my name in the credits – a surprise and an honor. Congratulations!!  The film is truly lovely.  Hope that more people get to learn about Artschwager and his work.  It’s a real treat!
Sonia Lopez. Philanthropic Advisor to Agnes Gund

I loved the film. It’s one of the best documentaries I’ve seen about a working, living artist, with a relaxed intimacy that is extraordinary. Bravo to you Fred and Morning, and the rest of your team! It’s so wonderful that you were able to film with Artschwager over so many years and reveal so many layers of a man who was, until I saw “Shut Up And Look,” I kind of enigma to me. He richly deserves such a beautiful and loving portrait.
Steven Lawrence, Film Director

I enjoyed your film very much. It brought out the humor and quirkiness of the artist, and highlighted the provocative nature of his art very well. I especially enjoyed the ending sequence with its music and montage of the art. Not to mention the walk down the canyon that would be very impressive if you were one inch tall and the canyon 40 feet deep! And the exploration of the handedness of plants … and art curators who enjoy being a little bit uncomfortable … and the tiny man sitting on the huge chair/ throne that made him look like a lilliputian … and so many other memorable scenes …
Algis Kaupas, Sound Recordist

Last night was the first chance we had to see your film. I thought it was great. You all did a terrific job of editing. It moves along beautifully. I love the sound tract. It is integrated with the over all theme and incorporates Richard’s piano playing perfectly. I wasn’t able to see Richard’s retrospective until yesterday, which was exciting. I think it could have even been bigger but it was really great. Thanks again for including me in your project. It made me feel proud to be a part of it.
John Torreano, artist & friend of Richard Artschwager

I just watched the film and really thought there were so many brilliant moments.  Bravo!  I learned a lot too.  Thank you so much for sharing and I do look forward to seeing it on the big screen soon.
Jennifer Gross, curator of  Artschwager’s Whitney retrospective

Congratulations! I think you’ve done a great job of capturing Richard’s unique approach and personality. Thanks so much for your generosity in sharing the preview copy. And  my sincere congratulations.
Kathryn Potts, Director of Education & Media, Whitney Museum

Congratulations on your fabulous documentary!  The film was brilliantly done and he is such an interesting man and artist!  I loved learning about him & his wild range of styles/works…fascinating!
Maureen Brille, Art collector

I just watched your film, and really enjoyed it! Congratulations (I also noticed your son did some filming on it–how fantastic that it is a family collaboration!) I didn’t know that much about Richard going into the film (although of course he is legendary), and found the discussion of his art consistently fascinating. I also loved the music. Talk about a vital man–wow, that is so inspiring…it reminds me of Wayne Thiebaud in how prodigious and “with it” he still is in his “old age.” I loved it when Richard Armstrong (who is great) talks about the horsehair work being repulsive and then is asked why he has them in his home–hilarious! Thanks for sharing it with me.
Olympia Stone, Film Director

I thought “Shut Up And Look” was very successful!  It really captured Richard’s work and his personality.  It was thoughtfully put together and felt like the pacing and tone was right. Kudos!
Gene McHugh, Whitney Museum video editor

Seeing your film was a fascinating experience. It must have been terribly difficult to make and show such a variety and so many ideas. It is a beautiful movie.
Elena Barnet, wife of artist Wil Barnet

Melissa and I thought your movie was fascinating and revelatory, a rare and revealing look behind the curtain at a singular personality and artist.
David Koepp, Film Director and Screenwriter